Using Bach Flower Remedies
A Description of the 38 Essences

This wonderful treatise on Bach Flower Remedies was posted to the Wellpet-l in August, 1997 by Rev. Debra L. Moore, D.N., Doctor of Naturology, Life Science and Natural Health Minister/Practitioner, Graduate of the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

I posted this to someone recently and thought I'd pass it on. Just to give you an idea of how involved these essences can be - you must REALLY know the whole situation in order to determine what to give. Only you can really do that - so here's a few bits and pieces of info re: Bach Flower Essences.

There are 38 flower essences and they can be used with animals (large & small), birds and plants, and, of course, us lowly bi-peds.

You should assess the characterisitcs of the animal exactly as for a person. Drops of the essence can be given in food or in the animal's drinking water; 4 drops for birds and small animals, 10 drops for large animals (horses, cattle, etc.).

No harm can happen if you choose the incorrect essence - it just won't work. They have no adverse side effects. However, like other forms of natural meds. they may allow suppressed symptoms to surface. This could be rashes while the body detox's. A healing crisis in other words. All natural therapies - when working thoroughly cause this. It is fine and is the body's way of throwing of the nasties. One usually gets quite a lot sicker before they begin getting well.

The essences can be taken alongside medications, including homeopathic remedies, without counteracting each other.

As a rule, the essences work rather undramatically and gently; the change happens at a natural pace to which we easily adjust.

When you notice a positive, strong change, it may be time to stop using the essence. Wait for this. If there is no change within 2 weeks, reconsider the choice of essences. If a small change has occurred continue administering but also consider whether an additional essence could be added to the combination.

I would suggest obtaining a book on the essences. I have one called the Bach Flower Essences for the Family. Published by Wigmore Publications Ltd., 9 Cavendish Square, London W1M 9DD, Great Britain ISBN 0-946982-05-8.

I'll list the 38 and their BASIC use, but would suggest getting a booklet on them for deeper details.

1. AGRIMONY: Mental torment behind a brave face
2. ASPEN: Fears and anxiety of unknown origin
3. BEECH: Intolerance
4. CENTAURY: Weak-willed and subservient
5. CERATO: Seeks advice and confirmation from others
6. CHERRY PLUM: Fear of mind giving way
7. CHESTNUT BUD: Failure to learn from past mistakes
8. CHICORY: Selfishly possessive
9. CLEMATIS: Dreaminess; lack of interest in present
10. CRAB APPLE: Self-hatred; sense of uncleanliness
11. ELM: Suddenly overwhelmed by responsibility
12. GENTAIN: Hopelessness, despair
13. GORSE: Discouragement, despondency
14. HEATHER: Self-centredness, self-concern
15. HOLLY: Hatred, envy, jealousy
16. HONEYSUCKLE: Lives in the past
17. HORNBEAM: 'Monday morning' feeling
18. IMPATIENS: Impatience
19. LARCH: Lack of confidence
20. MIMULUS: Fear of unknown things
21. MUSTARD: Deep gloom w/no origin (black depression)
22. OAK: Exhausted but struggles on
23. OLIVE: Complete exhaustion
24. PINE: Self reproach, guilt
25. RED CHESTNUT: Anxiety for others
26. ROCK ROSE: Terror
27. ROCK WATER: Self repression, self denial
28. SCLERANTHUS: Uncertainty, indecision
29. STAR OF BETHLEHEM: After effects of shock
30. SWEET CHESTNUT: Extreme mental anguish
31. VERVAIN: Tension, over-enthusiasm
32. VINE: Domineering, inflexible
33. WALNUT: Protection from change and outside influences
34. WATER VIOLET: Proud, aloof
35. WHITE CHESTNUT: Unwanted thoughts, mental arguments
36. WILD OAT: Uncertainty about correct path in life
37. WILD ROSE: Resignation, apathy
38. WILLOW: Resentment

Rev. Debra L. Moore, D.N. Doctor of Naturology Life Science and Natural Health Minister/Practitioner Graduate of the American Institute of Holistic Theology