This is what is currently included in my kit - I have everything in a neat little bag, comes with me in the car, etc. The notes are not meant as a prescription - I am not a medical professional.
First Aid Kit

peroxide (to induce vomiting, flush wounds)

tea bags - to stop bleeding

vetrap - fractures, sprains, for holding bandages in place, for making muzzle

saline solution - for flushing eyes

Barbara’s mix - topical, for bites, itches, scrapes, poison ivy, burns (tea tree oil, aloe, vitamin e, calendula tincture: in almond oil) [I always have a bottle of this around - the kids use it for everything. Dries up poison ivy in a flash, and takes away the itch. Doesn’t sting, but the tea tree smells funny.]

Arnica ointment - for bruises, sprains, strains, muscle soreness, broken bones, gunshot wounds
Hypericum/Calendula cream - for cuts and sores - soothing and promotes healing
Poison Ivy Remedy (oral) - for symptoms of poison ivy, oak and sumac (clematis, croton tiglium, mezereum, rhus tox, graphites, aconitum 15x, rumex, sasparilla, fumaria off., urtica urens, echinacea, taraxacum 3x)

Rescue Remedy - shock, trauma, upset
Apis Mell 30c - for pain from stings and insect bites, allergic reactions
Ledum 30c - for punctures, insect stings
Aconite 30c - fear, shock, eye pain, loss of consciousness
Arnica 30c - trauma (i.e. car accidents), bruises, soreness, hemmorhage
Arsenicum 30c - exhaustion, food poisoning, asthma-like symptoms
Cactus 30c - gripping pain
Cantharis 30c - burning pain
Carbo veg 30c - asphyxia
Chamomilla 30C - earache, frantic behavior associated with pain
Cocculus 30c - car sickness
Euphrasia 30c - eye wound/pain
Gloninum 30c - too much sun, heat stroke
Hypericum 30c - nerve injury, pain (i.e. mashed fingers, toes, toothache), gunshot wounds
(if arnica doesn’t work)

Nux vomica 30c - vomiting
Phosphorus 30c - bleeding

Fenugreek & Goldenseal (oral) anti-inflammatory, antibiotic
Echinacia tincture (oral) - increases resistance to infection, antiseptic
White willow bark (oral) - for pain, inflammation
Urtica urens tincture - topical for burns
Nettle extract - topical for insect stings