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  • This site is for people interested
    in learning more about
    canine nutrition and health.

    I have put the Canine Health pages together to provide a source of information about alternative health care and nutrition for dogs. You will find information and links about holistic care, homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, what is really in commercial kibble, alternatives to feeding commercial kibble, home cooking for your dog, plants that are poisonous to dogs, support pages for people with dogs that are ill or have died, dog-related e-mail lists to which you can subscribe, and some fun stuff! I hope this will be a starting point for your explorations into canine nutrition and health. Enjoy!

    The Medicine Garden These pages are chock full of information about alternative health care options and nutrition, and also has a discussion list you can join. Four articles on ethoxyquin

    The Wellpet Welcome Page This is the page for the Wellpet list, a list for discussion of holistic care for animals. It is a brand new page, still very much in development, and very much worth a visit.It has instructions for subscribing to the Wellpet discussion list. Pages will include: Welcome, Homepage, Articles, FAQs, Favorite Links, Keeper Posts, and Member Websites.

    The Wellpet FAQs page begins with discussion of the two most frequently asked questions, and includes sections on nutrition, vaccines and pests and parasites. Each section is followed by a list of links for further study.

    Wellpet Articles Articles written by Wellpet members on various topics commonly discussed on Wellpet.

    Petsage News A great collection of articles and tips:
    The Litterary Box - A growing collection of natural healing articles.
    Just for the Season - Seasonal specials and health care
    suggestions geared for the current season.
    Pawpourri - Miscellaneous tips to enrich the life of
    your companion and help you enjoy your pet more.

    Dog Play A list of activities you can participate in with your dog, and a good list of related links.

    Bad Dog Chronicles These pages are lots of fun! Treat yourself to a visit.

    Shirley's Wellness Cafe Animal Lovers & Natural Health Seekers Welcome! This page is incredibly comprehensive, with a huge amount of information and oodles of links. Plan on spending a long time here.
    This is Shirley's introduction: This page is created from a labor of love as a public service. The objective of this web site is to provide easy access to reliable and practical information about Preventative and Natural Health Care for People and Animals. This web site is built with the lay-person in mind based on personal experience and success.

    Planet Pets
    They claim to have “concise up to date pet information, quality pet products, and top notch pet services.” From what I’ve seen, it’s a legitimate claim! Covers so many pet-related topics, I won’t try to list them all. Well organized, too!