Holistic Veterinarians

This page has information and links to pages to help you find a holistic veterinarian, and pages by holistic veterinarians. I am constantly updating, so check back occasionally.

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Holistic Vet Referralhas tips on finding a trained Holisitic Veterinarian, a referral service to which you can submit your request based on geographical area and need, and a list of links to other sites.
By Larry A. Bernstein, VMD

American Holistic Veterinary
Medical Association Directory
This directory of Holistic Veterinarians has been organized by state/province.

Sites by Holistic Veterinarians
Natural Holistic Pet Care is Larry Bernstein, DVM's
wonderful site. It includes:
Natural Pet Care Overview
A Guide to their Consultation Service
Homeopathic Primer - excellent!
Holistic Feeding Guidelines
Detailed Overview on Vaccinations
Obtaining Referrals
Natural Flea Control
Recommended Reading
Proper Pet Nutrition
Other Holistic Websites
AVMA Guidelines On Alternative Medicine

Four Winds Holistic Animal Services Sandra A. Priest, DVM.
Dr. Priest is trained in a number of modalities. Her page includes information and links related to homeopathy, chiropractic, Reiki, herbology, nutrition, flower essences and more. Well worth a visit!

Home Vet - Natural Pet Care is Jeff Feinman,VMD's Holistic Pet Care Site, including:

  • Pet Care and Medical Information Center: Reports on Choosing,

  • Training and Caring for Healthy and Ill Pets
  • HomeVet Bookstore: The Best of Current and Classic
    Pet Care Books,Selected by Dr. Jeff
  • Pet Prose: Share Stories About Your Pet
  • Ask Dr. Jeff: On-Line Questions and Answers About Your Pet
  • HomeVet Pet Talk Message Board